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How Does this Whole Process Work??

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Students tell us what books they have for sale

Using our Book Submission Form, students/individuals can give us all the information about any books they are trying to sell.. Students can set their own asking price for the book, versus other web sites that set the price for you.

We advertise


We use an array of advertising methods to let students know which books are available on our web site. On certain campuses, fliers are posted up around campus multiple times per week with the list of all our newest books.

Buyers contact sellers directly

When someone wants to purchase a book, they contact the seller using the information listed on the detail page for that book. If the buyer has trouble finding the seller, they can contact us, and we will assist.

Seller delivers the book

Since this web site is setup for individual campuses, buyers and sellers are usually on the same campus. Therefore transactions can typically take place the same day.

That's it! - It's Just That Simple!

Book Vouchers

     Unfortunately, we do not accept book vouchers at this time. However, book vouchers are generally drawn from overpayment funds anyways. Some students simply choose to wait for their overpayment funds, then purchase through us.

How We Make our Money

      At this time, TBX is completely free! We will eventually charge a posting fee of $2 or $3 for each book sellers add to our database. Plus, we will include numerous other service that can be purchased for mere pennies such as:

     We ask that students spread the word about our service since it will only be successful if a large number of people use it. By operating through the internet, we have the advantage of infinite customer volume. This means that we don't need to profit $5-$50 per book like many book stores.

We truly appreciate your support and we are always interested in hearing from our users!

Bset regards,
The TBX Team