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The TBX Team

CEO, Robert Prather

    CEO Robert Prather is a native Houstonian, and a student at Prairie View A&M University. A software developer since the age of 15, Prather has developed applications that are being used in over 23 countries around the world. He is owner of 4 other companies, including a flight simulator development company (The 777 Project), a modeling company, a company which develops inexpensive flight synoptic displays (Pro MFD), and a non-profit organization, which will fly around the world next year to raise money for charity (World Flight USA).

    "I began this web site in hopes of putting an end to the profiteering agencies who offer students pennies for their books then sale them back for rediculous prices. I also hope to be able to empower students politically through the use of the forums, and also enhance their awareness of campus events.", said Prather who is shown at left.

Statement from the CEO: You cannot imagine how much we appreciate the support you give us just by visiting this web site. If we can ever do anything to make your browsing experience more efficient or enjoyable, please do not hesitate to ask us!"


Thanks for your support!

TBX Team